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Sophie, 15 

The Legat School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance

‘Being taught by Michael is such a privilege, he is an amazing dancer as well as a teacher. He has helped me develop my dancing dramatically since he first taught me, and I always look forward to his lessons. I am very thankful and lucky to be a student of his.
‘It's amazing to see how much my daughter's technique has developed since being with Michael; not only has she grown as a dancer, attaining a Distinction in her exam, the sessions with Michael have opened up the world of dance to her in such a way that she is now able to tap into the enormous joy that it can bring. Thank you for giving her this rare and precious opportunity, Michael!’

Claire Bookham 

‘How can I express just what you have meant in my daughter’s development as a dancer; without you, your guidance, expertise, inspiration, energy and your ability to form that bond which is critical, my daughter would not be the dancer she is today, technically and artistically.
My daughter would give up everything but her lessons with you. Thank you.’

Maral Keoshgerian 


Izzy Knights - Royal Ballet School 

I enjoyed every second of Michael's classes.. They simply reminded me of how much I love to dance.  Having the opportunity to learn from his expertise in private sessions had an immediate impact on my training.. I will be back soon!                                                                                                                             

Michael taught me privately for 2 years in preparation for vocational dance colleges. I enjoyed going to my classes each week because I knew that the class would be tailored to my needs and what needed improving the most, as well as getting a superb solid technical training. As well as ballet class I was able to ask advice on audition solos and muscle strengthening to help my technique so it could be applied to my future auditions. I cannot thank Michael enough for the moral support as well as the support in my training throughout my auditions that have now  given me the foundations to help me prior to my vocational training. Thank you Michael!

Aimee Thomas, Laines Theatre Arts 

Michael has been my ballet teacher for the past 3 years and every lesson I have had with him he has taught me something new and valuable. His strong but caring approach to the work has made me realise exactly what I need to do and to achieve if I want to pursue a successful career in dance. He has inspired me to always be the best that I can be and taught me to never give up on my dreams.

Louis Wallond, The Brit School

"Lessons feel very professional - his corrections are always helpful, I feel like I’m in good hands."

Callum, 13 

‘When I had my lessons with Michael, both private and as a class, not only did he improve my all round technique, but he gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a professional dancer.
It was through his ability to nurture talent and draw out hard work that I was able to enter full time professional training.
I would never have achieved this without Michael.’  

Phil Bashford, 19 

London Studio Centre

"Michaels lessons give my children a taste of what it would be like

at a professional ballet school.  

We go to Michael instead of going up to London for an associate programme.  

Michael is a wonderful blend of tough and kind."

Kim McCabe

Henry Dowden - Scottish Ballet 

'Due to Michael's career as a soloist, his experience and knowledge puts the dancer in very safe hands. With a focused and demanding classical ballet class according to the level of the student, his enthusiasm and encouragement drives you to achieve whatever goal or level you have set out for yourself.'


Being a male learning to dance, especially ballet, it was invaluable to have a male teacher. Michael was incredible at teaching me ballet as he was able to show me the strength and power of what a male ballet dancer could have and the ability to perform any move with a masculine quality. Without Michael's passion and dedication, I wouldn't be the ballet dancer I am today and for that, I will forever be thankful.

Matt Hill, Bird College

‘It is always a pleasure to bring Rupert to his ballet lesson.
Michael has perfected the art of bringing discipline and joy to the lessons in equal measure. His standard of teaching is excellent and Rupert never wants the lesson to end! In the car on the way home, Rupert said "Is Mr Kopinski a real Jedi? I think he is because he can jump so high".
If that isn't inspiring for a seven year old boy, I don't know what is!’

Kathryn Wade 

I auditioned for places at dance conservatoires when 18, and I would not have received my place at a dance school without him. My technique and performance improved by each class. Mr Kopinski has so much energy and gives many corrections so you can benefit from the classes as much as possible. The classes were extremely enjoyable as there is such a welcoming atmosphere enabling you to push to your limits. He's such an inspiring ballet dancer, you won't find a more challenging and exciting class. It's rare to find such a highly skilled teacher, I feel so lucky to have been taught by him! In class I get the feeling that Mr Kopinski is dedicated to helping students improve and feel more confident, I've enjoyed every class. 

Angela Ramsey 

I like having private lessons with Michael (Mr Kopinski) because he really helps me with my turn out and he is really nice. He teaches me in a different way compared to other teachers that I've had in the past, he is very patient and very calm, I love having him as a teacher.  

Martha, 8

'Michael is a fantastic coach; an inspiration to young dancers. He is a skilled conveyor of technical information in a creative and nurturing way. Michael's rapport with his students and skill at motivating young dancers mark him out as a unique individual and we feel very lucky to have found him! Without doubt anyone who trains with him will simply get better and better; the many achievements of his students speaks for itself. He is a remarkable teacher with a knack for getting the very best out of his students; he has been instrumental in the achievements of our daughter and her success in securing a place at a top vocational school.  I thoroughly recommend him.'

Kajal Sharma 

‘Being taught by Michael is such a privilege, he is an amazing dancer as well as a teacher. He has helped me develop my dancing dramatically since he first taught me, and I always look forward to his lessons.

I am very thankful and lucky to be a student of his.' 

Sophie Gray

Olivia Floydd

Billy Elliot Musical

'Since starting private ballet lessons with Michael I have improved all areas of my ballet. He has helped me with my technique in syllabus work and also my strength. I believe that Michael’s lessons helped me get into Billy Elliot because he improved my confidence as well. I am now working towards ballet auditions with him as my dream is to go to a full time dance school.'


Michael has really helped me with my balance - my pirouettes are much, much better.
He makes you want to try your hardest!

Cara, 9 

Sound of Music - London 

‘Michael Kopinski has taught our now teenage son ballet for about 4 years. Michael has been a constant source of inspiration, energy and enthusiasm throughout.  He is an excellent teacher for boys and a role model is so many ways.  I am absolutely convinced that Michael is the principal reason that James is so keen on  ballet.’

Johnny Dunford 

‘Michael has taught our son, Billy from primary. His incredible talent and tremendous enthusiasm to pass it onto a new generation, combined with his charisma and athleticism make him the perfect teacher and role model particularly for boys, who can become rather self-conscious about doing ballet. Michael has helped Billy achieve a distinction in every examination and he won first place in the recent GAPA Creates. All of this has had a very positive effect on Billy's confidence, his work ethic and his core fitness which has in turn lead to a drastic improvement on the football pitch!’  

John and Melissa Byers 

‘Both our daughter's always come out of Michael Kopinski's lessons tired, but smiling and motivated. In a beautiful private studio with wonderful facilities and music set in glorious countryside, Michael gets the best out of them, always encouraging them to further improve and develop their dance skills. Meanwhile, parents can wait in the serene and sumptuous lounge or outside admiring the views. Michael's gentle but focused manner together with his high level experience and expertise make him the perfect ballet teacher. Afternoon lessons at Maple Hill are a pleasure for us all!’

Janet and Andy Summers 

‘Michael is a charming, talented and brilliant teacher - you won't regret using him!  He gave my teenage daughter so much confidence and filled the gap in her technical expertise.  He also has a beautiful state of the art studio.’  

Julie Colisjac 

‘At the age of 16, our son decided that he wanted to be a dancer and started dance classes. A year later he began taking private lessons with Michael. He enjoyed these lessons and found Michael to be thoroughly inspirational.  We believe that it was  Michael's constructive teaching and guidance that enabled our son to achieve his goal, of obtaining a place on a degree course of Theatre Dance at London Studio Centre.’

Fiona and Phil Bashford

Michael offers a unique approach to his teaching, drawing from his early training in the Russian ballet tradition, his experience at the Royal Ballet School and his professional career. An inspiring educator and performer of the highest standard, he ‘shows’ students what they should be aiming for, not just ‘tells’ them. Since our two daughters began training with Michael four years ago, their stamina, strength, technique and most importantly, performance skills, have all improved enormously thanks to the individual attention and encouragement they receive. And working in his beautiful, purpose-built studio with sprung floors brings a sense of occasion to their class - they wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Liz Dyson

‘Mr Kopinski is an amazing Ballet teacher. The things that I like about Mr Kopinski are that he helps you become a stronger dancer as well as a performer. Because he is one of my only male dance teachers he is one of the only ones to teach me how to become a better 'male' dancer. He is really kind and always giving helpful corrections that really help me to improve. He helps me feel confident. I like his classes as we do a lot of conditioning to help us prepare for more difficult exercises and he always makes sure that we are doing things in a safe way. I am looking forward to moving up the grades and I always look forward to his lessons.’  

 Bailey, 11

Michael maintains a personal and friendly yet always professional teaching approach. 
He is charismatic and his students want to work with him because he inspires and challenges them to achieve their potential in dance.
They always work hard in his classes!
My daughter is fortunate to have private lessons with Michael. She highly values his individual tuition and attention to detail in her dancing.
Qualities that he nurtures are technical discipline beauty and poise.

Catherine Greenwood

Michael has tutored Ben for 5 years. His dedication, ability and professionalism have been exemplary. Ben has blossomed as a ballet dancer and, perhaps more importantly, he has benefitted from the discipline, attention to detail and passion that Michael has instilled in him. These attributes, combined with the self-confidence Ben achieves through ballet, are invaluable as part of his overall character development.

Denise Vickerstaff

My son, Isaac, who is 10 years old, has been having lessons with Mr Kopinski for 3 years now, and totally obsessed with ballet. There is no better person to teach, inspire and encourage him than Mr Kopinski, who is totally committed and dedicated to teaching to the highest standards and getting the best out of each pupil. I have seen Isaac grow in strength, technique, confidence and passion to be the best he can be. The world of dance, for Isaac, became the most amazing place to be when he met Mr Kopinski, he brought Isaac’s passion to life, lessons with Mr Kopinski, are sensational and Isaac is always buzzing after each lesson. 

Selina Mack 

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